Elevation Group Review

The Elevation Group: Review

The Elevation Group (EVG) is a membership site developed by internet millionaire Mike Dillard.  It concentrates on and teaches the wealth strategies of the rich, reflecting on the exclusive techniques they employ daily to gain more wealth. (Elevation Group) To truly understand more about this membership site, is to know more about the man behind it, Mike Dillard.  Mike Dillard is the creator of “The Elevation Group” and became a self-made millionaire at the ripe old age of 26.

It was on 2010 that Mike Dillard made his dream come true. He brought education to the world about it's current economic crisis and what the future holds. Mike, himself offers education to the world through his internet site, which he calls the, “Secret Black Box Investing Strategies for the Super rich”. The Elevation Groups main objective is to assist the average individual, you and I to understand how to deal with and grow assets in ways that are used only by the privileged rich. (Elevation Group).

How Much Does The Elevation Group Cost?

The Elevation Group charges a monthly fee, which is nonrefundable after 30 days.  For this fee, you get education, or lessons within the internet site that touch on such subjects as how to start your own family bank, buying gold and silver, to name just a few taught by a group of experts in their respectable fields. These experts, along with other financial gurus have been brought together to teach you and I specific financial strategies.

Dillard will tell you there are 3 things we need to get rich.  One is the cutting edge information from other people who know what they are talking about.  Secondly specific skills to use that information gained from other sources. Finally using what they call a “rolodex” – because it is not what you know in life, but who you know.

Do you need to be rich to join, no but you will need the money to pay the monthly or yearly fee. The monthly fee as of June, 2012 was $197 per month or $2000 per year. While the price to some may seem steep, there are many other financial groups whose prices range from $2000 on up to $10,000 or more. Even if you are limited on funds once you join you may choose to start with something as simple as buying an ounce of silver or gold to start, which is discussed  in the Elevation Group.

Does The Elevation Group Deliver On It's Promises?

Finally, the question to be answered by this Elevation Group Review is does this program work, is it actually worth the money people are paying. If you believe that the methodologies used here will not only be a financial investment, but also an important investment in the long term, then only the individual can determine the outcome.  It is these skills or strategies that will help you build your financial future.  It will allow you to have direct access to information that is only given to the elite, a group of the so called “privileged rich.”  It is up to you and I as to whether this program works, whether we use it to its fullest or just hit and miss, complain when others are beating the current economic and we are not.

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Buying Silver Bullion in Canada

Buying silver bullion is becoming increasingly popular in Canada as a means to protect the value of your wealth. Why should you buy silver and where can you buy it in Canada?

Why Buy Silver Bullion in Canada?

As with all cash currencies, the Canadian dollar is prone to devaluation through the process of inflation. Silver bullion on the other hand is a hard currency which is not subject to this inflation process and the value of it remains fairly stable over longer periods of time. Buying silver bullion in Canada can therefore help to protect the value of your hard-earned wealth when you convert cash currency into a hard currency.

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In addition, silver has many industrial uses and we can actually expect an increase in value as many of the silver resources are being depleted. This means that if you buy now, in a few years’ time you could get more value for it if you sell it back but the cash currency you used to buy it today would have decreased in value.

buying silver bullion in canada

Where Do I Buy Silver Bullion in Canada?

If you live in Canada like I do, it's best to buy silver coins from a dealer in Canada.  This makes shipping, taxes and duty issues non-existant.  And this can be problematic for Canadian investors.  It's hard to find solid silver and gold coin dealers in Canada's provinces, like Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba and the other Canadian provinces.

Buying silver bullion is becoming an important investment in Canada. Silver is not subject to the same inflation rates as the Canadian dollar and so is able to maintain its value, or even increase in value, where the dollar is decreasing.

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Is GoldMoney A Scam?

Is Goldmoney A Scam?

I can understand that those who want to invest in precious metals like gold and silver are a bit hesitant to do so. After all, those who thought they were planning ahead and intelligently by investing in the natural commodity received a big surprise when their gold investment company would not redeem their investment during the recession.

Even though this is an investment that is recommended by every financial guru, the question remains where to buy your precious metals from? Now there is talk of a gold money scam. GoldMoney.com is a precious metal company that you can purchase your gold and silver from. There is a lot of excitement surrounding this company. However, with excitement comes doubt and those who are willing to take the plunge again are doing their due diligence and asking questions before buying.

The in-depth research that has been done on this company, the general consensus is that this is not another one of those “paper metal programs”, that goldmoney is not a scam!

This company allows investors to be in complete control with their investment. They don’t work on fractions or percentages. What’s yours is yours at any time. They do not put your investment on their own balance sheet which means they have no claim to what’s rightfully yours. Doing this allows you to be fully funded of your investment within 24 hours. There is no minimum balance to carry either. In fact, financial authors like Michael Maloney and Peter Schiff recommend goldmoney.com

Understandably there are many people who got into gold for security and instead received financial insecurity. However, gold and silver still remain the best investment one can make and goldmoney.com gives you exactly what you want with no surprises. A goldmoney scam is non-existent and those who invest in the precious metal commodity can rest assure!

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The Elevation Group Review

The Elevation Group Review


The Elevation Group focuses on teaching its members the wealth creating strategies of the very rich. This is information not readily available to the general public. Mike Dillard, its creator, is a multimillionaire online entrepreneur who has interviewed some of the top investors in the world and synthesized what he has learned from them for the benefit of this group’s membership. Based in Austin, Texas, the group is a membership site for which a subscription must be paid for access to its information.


The Elevation Group website membership offers quite a large amount of quality information in one location. Subject taught on the site are:

•             How to manage finances

•             How to make successful investments

•             How to profit from the current economy’s ongoing wealth transfer

•             How to protect personal assets through creating a private bank

•             How to accomplish a retirement that is tax-free

•             How to buy and sell in the precious metals market with gold and silver

•             How to guide their children to create their own family legacy worth a billion dollars

These are the strategies that have usually been the secrets of the extremely wealthy, now being taught to members of the group.

For those interested in amassing and holding onto wealth, the site has resources such as video topics, diary entries, blogs and online lessons available on business, banking, stocks, and Forex investments. Dillard promotes the idea of preparing for turning bad economic times into the best of times for you.  His “Black Box” strategies recommend getting completely out of debt in every way, creating multiple streams of incomes through diversification, using hard assets for investments (silver and gold), what the top five challenges to the national economy are and how to protect yourself completely. Finally, Dillard teaches ways to obtain cash-flow assets such as rental properties as an income stream.

The original cost of a membership subscription was $97 each month but now has risen to $197 monthly. A discounted price is offered for a complete year’s subscription.  In addition to all the education offered through the website, members can also submit their own questions to which they will receive response answers within not more than 72 hours. Questions and answers from other members may also be viewed on the site.

The Elevation Group teaches members to understand wealth cycles and how to grow their businesses and prosper. If there is a drawback to the site, it is the fact that you gain a vast amount of knowledge without acquiring the necessary tools to put it to use. That is where the use of IMToolSuite of internet marketer’s tools comes in. Created by four online marketers who have been proven to be successful in the field, this toolkit has specific services and tools available to put your education from The Elevation Group to work for you.

Goldmoney.com: James Turk’s Gold Money Review

Review of James Turk Goldmoney

Keep Your Precious Metals Safe and Secure with GoldMoney.com

james turk gold money review


In these uncertain times, we've all got to look out for our money. If we don't do it, who will? Precious metals are a great way of making sure you've got your money no matter what happens. But you've got to keep that money stored securely. That's why I looked into GoldMoney.com. GoldMoney.com offers not only the financial security of investing in gold, but it also offers a great service to keep that gold stored safely.

GoldMoney.com Video Review

GoldMoney.com was established to help interested consumers buy real, physical gold that they could have delivered to them at any time they wished. It has also expanded to trading in silver, platinum, and palladium. With a financial crisis looming, the time has never been better to move into precious metal investment. GoldMoney.com is dedicated to making it easy for consumers to buy, trade, move, and store their metals. GoldMoney.com deals in 100% allocated metals, so the amount of gold or silver that it says you've got is what you actually have. There's no risk that you won't be able to retrieve your money from them.

How Does GoldMoney's Digital Audited Gold Work?

Once you've got your chosen precious metal, you've got to put it somewhere. Properly and securely storing your precious metals is extremely important. That should be a no-brainer! But how do you store them safely while allowing you to access them? Consider yourself fortunate if you have the space and money to invest in a large personal vault.  Otherwise, regular folks like me can't afford anything like that. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't have the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where our gold is and that it's out of harm's way. That's where GoldMoney.com continues to shine, offering an incredible storage service with a high degree of accountability and consumer choice. GoldMoney.com's storage offers:


  • Vaults in London, Zurich, and Hong Kong, all of which can hold gold and silver. Platinum can be stored at Zurich or Hong Kong, and palladium only in Hong Kong.
  • Vaults operated by the Swiss company VIA MAT that has a long history and great reputation.
  • Independent third party audits ensure that you always have as much metal in the vault as it shows in the GoldMoney.com database.
  • Insurance for the gold you own in vaults in the very unlikely case of theft.
  • Easy transfer of metals between vaults.
  • Ability to record ownership of a registered bar of gold, platinum, or palladium that will be publicly listed online for full transparency.

 My Personal Experience With James Turk's Goldmoney

Since I started using GoldMoney.com, I've been extremely pleased with their dedication to helping me with my needs. It's tough to have something like precious metals be so far away and out of reach. GoldMoney.com has gone a long way to make me feel like I really have a hold on my money. Every gram of gold and silver I own is marked as mine. If I need it, I can get to it. And that makes me feel even more secure in leaving my precious metals with GoldMoney.com.

GoldMoney.com offers a fantastic storage service. It's convenient to easily view your assets and get in touch with personal customer service representatives.  Since I started using GoldMoney.com I've never had a cause to worry, and it's mostly because of how much I trust that my money is being stored by reputable, honest, and capable people. If you've ever had hang-ups about buying gold online, GoldMoney.com will quickly change your mind. Don't use anybody else for your precious metal storage. Get with GoldMoney.com and let them handle all your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium storage.

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