Is GoldMoney A Scam?

Is Goldmoney A Scam?

I can understand that those who want to invest in precious metals like gold and silver are a bit hesitant to do so. After all, those who thought they were planning ahead and intelligently by investing in the natural commodity received a big surprise when their gold investment company would not redeem their investment during the recession.

Even though this is an investment that is recommended by every financial guru, the question remains where to buy your precious metals from? Now there is talk of a gold money scam. is a precious metal company that you can purchase your gold and silver from. There is a lot of excitement surrounding this company. However, with excitement comes doubt and those who are willing to take the plunge again are doing their due diligence and asking questions before buying.

The in-depth research that has been done on this company, the general consensus is that this is not another one of those “paper metal programs”, that goldmoney is not a scam!

This company allows investors to be in complete control with their investment. They don’t work on fractions or percentages. What’s yours is yours at any time. They do not put your investment on their own balance sheet which means they have no claim to what’s rightfully yours. Doing this allows you to be fully funded of your investment within 24 hours. There is no minimum balance to carry either. In fact, financial authors like Michael Maloney and Peter Schiff recommend

Understandably there are many people who got into gold for security and instead received financial insecurity. However, gold and silver still remain the best investment one can make and gives you exactly what you want with no surprises. A goldmoney scam is non-existent and those who invest in the precious metal commodity can rest assure!


Word On The Street Is That Mike Dillard Is Elevating His Group

The word on the street is that Mike Dillard is at it again.  The marketing genius who’s known for putting out product and information that is never less than top notch is coming back with another program called The Elevation Group. This is an exclusive club for investors.  Those who want to learn more and beat the recession while the economy is still hanging by a thread will do so with The Elevation Group.

Right now, on a few selected marketing guru’s know about it and have already gotten their positions secured with the club and have already started letting their list get in on the ground floor as well – those are the marketers who truly understand marketing success and actually care about the people who’ve joined them and trusted them with their financial future.

For example, marketing guru Andrew Murray, one half of “The Marketing Couple” has already prepped his team for this sure fire successful program that will deliver.  Andrew Murray is one of those in the Mike Dillard circle that has secured his position.  Since coming on board, he put together 4 killer bonuses that has ballooned into 6 bonuses.

You probably don’t see the “WOW” factor here but as we all know Andrew as being one of the top marketers in North America, he’s also a savvy investor.  His 6 bonuses for the elevation group range from investing information, off shore accounts, to general marketing to tools that will market The Elevation Group program for you.

Reading this you can take advantage of The Elevation Group program but also some of the great marketers out there who are prepping their list and giving out their knowledge VIP access to some of their most effective secrets to marketing and investing.

Andrew Murray is one of the people you want helping you blaze your trail to financial wealth and security.

Elevate Your Experience With The Elevation Group With My 5 Bonuses

Elevate Your Experience With The Elevation Group With My 5 Bonuses

By now you’ve heard about Mike Dillard’s new baby The Elevation Group.  Anyone who follows him knows that he runs on quality.  Nothing that he puts out there for the people is ever less than top notch.

As a network marketing expert, I can tell you that The Elevation Group is an investors dream.  Although the recession no longer has us on the ropes, people are still recovering, still apprehensive to do what all financial experts tell us to do which is invest our money wisely.  The Elevation Group is an exclusive club that financially savvy investors will want to join (and in many cases like myself are already in.)

You’re probably sitting there and already know that this is an awesome opportunity to build your wealth.

As a marketing expert who’s consistently made $250,000 or more year online, I am very interested in growing your net worth and consider myself a savvy investor myself.  This is why I’m am going to offer you 6 bonuses if you join me in the Elevation Group that I know will benefit you and are complimentary to what The Elevation Group teaches.

For more information on the Elevation Group and what I have to offer, go to:

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