Elevation Group Review

The Elevation Group: Review

The Elevation Group (EVG) is a membership site developed by internet millionaire Mike Dillard.  It concentrates on and teaches the wealth strategies of the rich, reflecting on the exclusive techniques they employ daily to gain more wealth. (Elevation Group) To truly understand more about this membership site, is to know more about the man behind it, Mike Dillard.  Mike Dillard is the creator of “The Elevation Group” and became a self-made millionaire at the ripe old age of 26.

It was on 2010 that Mike Dillard made his dream come true. He brought education to the world about it's current economic crisis and what the future holds. Mike, himself offers education to the world through his internet site, which he calls the, “Secret Black Box Investing Strategies for the Super rich”. The Elevation Groups main objective is to assist the average individual, you and I to understand how to deal with and grow assets in ways that are used only by the privileged rich. (Elevation Group).

How Much Does The Elevation Group Cost?

The Elevation Group charges a monthly fee, which is nonrefundable after 30 days.  For this fee, you get education, or lessons within the internet site that touch on such subjects as how to start your own family bank, buying gold and silver, to name just a few taught by a group of experts in their respectable fields. These experts, along with other financial gurus have been brought together to teach you and I specific financial strategies.

Dillard will tell you there are 3 things we need to get rich.  One is the cutting edge information from other people who know what they are talking about.  Secondly specific skills to use that information gained from other sources. Finally using what they call a “rolodex” – because it is not what you know in life, but who you know.

Do you need to be rich to join, no but you will need the money to pay the monthly or yearly fee. The monthly fee as of June, 2012 was $197 per month or $2000 per year. While the price to some may seem steep, there are many other financial groups whose prices range from $2000 on up to $10,000 or more. Even if you are limited on funds once you join you may choose to start with something as simple as buying an ounce of silver or gold to start, which is discussed  in the Elevation Group.

Does The Elevation Group Deliver On It's Promises?

Finally, the question to be answered by this Elevation Group Review is does this program work, is it actually worth the money people are paying. If you believe that the methodologies used here will not only be a financial investment, but also an important investment in the long term, then only the individual can determine the outcome.  It is these skills or strategies that will help you build your financial future.  It will allow you to have direct access to information that is only given to the elite, a group of the so called “privileged rich.”  It is up to you and I as to whether this program works, whether we use it to its fullest or just hit and miss, complain when others are beating the current economic and we are not.

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The Elevation Group Review

The Elevation Group Review


The Elevation Group focuses on teaching its members the wealth creating strategies of the very rich. This is information not readily available to the general public. Mike Dillard, its creator, is a multimillionaire online entrepreneur who has interviewed some of the top investors in the world and synthesized what he has learned from them for the benefit of this group’s membership. Based in Austin, Texas, the group is a membership site for which a subscription must be paid for access to its information.


The Elevation Group website membership offers quite a large amount of quality information in one location. Subject taught on the site are:

•             How to manage finances

•             How to make successful investments

•             How to profit from the current economy’s ongoing wealth transfer

•             How to protect personal assets through creating a private bank

•             How to accomplish a retirement that is tax-free

•             How to buy and sell in the precious metals market with gold and silver

•             How to guide their children to create their own family legacy worth a billion dollars

These are the strategies that have usually been the secrets of the extremely wealthy, now being taught to members of the group.

For those interested in amassing and holding onto wealth, the site has resources such as video topics, diary entries, blogs and online lessons available on business, banking, stocks, and Forex investments. Dillard promotes the idea of preparing for turning bad economic times into the best of times for you.  His “Black Box” strategies recommend getting completely out of debt in every way, creating multiple streams of incomes through diversification, using hard assets for investments (silver and gold), what the top five challenges to the national economy are and how to protect yourself completely. Finally, Dillard teaches ways to obtain cash-flow assets such as rental properties as an income stream.

The original cost of a membership subscription was $97 each month but now has risen to $197 monthly. A discounted price is offered for a complete year’s subscription.  In addition to all the education offered through the website, members can also submit their own questions to which they will receive response answers within not more than 72 hours. Questions and answers from other members may also be viewed on the site.

The Elevation Group teaches members to understand wealth cycles and how to grow their businesses and prosper. If there is a drawback to the site, it is the fact that you gain a vast amount of knowledge without acquiring the necessary tools to put it to use. That is where the use of IMToolSuite of internet marketer’s tools comes in. Created by four online marketers who have been proven to be successful in the field, this toolkit has specific services and tools available to put your education from The Elevation Group to work for you.

The Complete Review Of Forbes Prudent Speculator Investment Newsletter: Is It Right For You?

Forbes Prudent Speculator Newsletter Review


Looking for a little advice when it comes to picking your stocks?  There are many resources out there but you shouldn’t just take advice from any resource without doing your due diligence.  Continue to read this in-depth review of Forbes Prudent Speculator investment newsletter and learn what it can offer you.

The Prudent SpeculatorIn 1977, Al Frank started The Prudent Speculator, a newsletter that was and still based on his stock picking discipline.  Frank’s goal was to target the markets’ hidden gems for unforeseen but significant results.  The true definition of a “Speculator stock” is a stock that trades for low multiples of earnings, sales and book values and also had a good amount of cash on their balance sheet.  In 1990, John Buckingham took over as manager applying the knowledge he learned from his mentor Al Frank to the current version of the newsletter which every review of Forbes Prudent Speculator investment newsletter will tell you.

Any review on Forbes Prudent Speculator investment newsletter will be favourable since it’s been the staple of its kind for the last 50 years which has been documented by Hulbert’s Financial Digest by them stating that The Prudent Speculator has had the best Total Return Performance of the past 15, 20 and 25 years.

If this above information has tickled your interest, then this is what you’ll receive with your subscription to the newsletter.

•A Stock of the Month report from John Buckingham.
•Market commentary emails (sent weekly).
•A list of all of the Currently Recommended Stocks.
•A list of “Stocks to Watch”, which are stocks that are near their buy and sell targets.
•Three model portfolios.
•Complete access to a subscriber-only website.

The total cost for a yearly subscription is fairly affordable at only $295.  However, you can save 34% off the original price by clicking the link.  That now becomes $195 cost for an entire year.  In addition, after you sign-up you immediately receive “The Buckingham Portfolio” which contains the latest recommendations, targets and buy prices.

The Prudent Speculator

This complete review on Forbes Prudent Speculator investment newsletter gives you all the information you need to take advantage of the latest offer and put your financial future on track.

Word On The Street Is That Mike Dillard Is Elevating His Group

The word on the street is that Mike Dillard is at it again.  The marketing genius who’s known for putting out product and information that is never less than top notch is coming back with another program called The Elevation Group. This is an exclusive club for investors.  Those who want to learn more and beat the recession while the economy is still hanging by a thread will do so with The Elevation Group.

Right now, on a few selected marketing guru’s know about it and have already gotten their positions secured with the club and have already started letting their list get in on the ground floor as well – those are the marketers who truly understand marketing success and actually care about the people who’ve joined them and trusted them with their financial future.

For example, marketing guru Andrew Murray, one half of “The Marketing Couple” has already prepped his team for this sure fire successful program that will deliver.  Andrew Murray is one of those in the Mike Dillard circle that has secured his position.  Since coming on board, he put together 4 killer bonuses that has ballooned into 6 bonuses.

You probably don’t see the “WOW” factor here but as we all know Andrew as being one of the top marketers in North America, he’s also a savvy investor.  His 6 bonuses for the elevation group range from investing information, off shore accounts, to general marketing to tools that will market The Elevation Group program for you.

Reading this you can take advantage of The Elevation Group program but also some of the great marketers out there who are prepping their list and giving out their knowledge VIP access to some of their most effective secrets to marketing and investing.

Andrew Murray is one of the people you want helping you blaze your trail to financial wealth and security.

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