Mike Maloney’s Wealth Cycles Review

Mike Maloney's Wealth Cycles Review

You probably know Mike Maloney from his association with Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame.  Mike Maloney is Kiyosaki's right hand man when it comes to investing.

The thing that people don't have a good grasp n about investments is that investments move in cycles, or waves.  Traders, hedge fund managers and professional investors all know this.  But the average person does not.

wealth cycles review

For example, the markets now are very volatile.  And the interest rates are very low.  So if you read a book written even a few years ago, about investing in guaranteed investments, or GICs or government bonds, your bank account is going to get killed.

Investing is just like betting.  But by knowing the Wealth Cycles, you can bet with the odds stacked heavily in your favor.  And if you bet with the odds stacked heavily in your favor, and you bet slowly and consistently, you end up taking massive profits from the market.

This is exactly the opposite of the 401K approach and dollar-cost averaging.  That kind of stuff disregards the presence of Wealth Cycles, and assumes that investing is a random or risky place to hang out.

Who is Mike Maloney

Rule #1: Always know your source.  So when looking at the Wealth Cycles membership, you have to look at it's founder.

Mike Maloney is the founder of Gold-Silver.  He is known as “Gold and Silver” guy, but he actually rejects that mantle.  He says he's just a guy who follows the Wealth Cycles, or the log-term trends.  Like take commodities.  It's no surprise that commodities are in a boom, and housing, let's say is on the bust.

And it's true.  Mike Maloney just recognized a long-term cycle starting in gold and silver that has just started.

But calling him a gold-and-silver guy is a micro view.  Taking the macro view, anyone can see that he's all about timing, trends, and has a good read of the future of money and investments.

One of the things I really like about Mike Maloney is that he has a good sense of the future.  He has that predictive ability that is so valuable to follow as an investor.

Why The Wealth Cycles Program Is Important

So what exactly is Wealth Cycles?

This is a video introduction to the major concepts behind the Wealth Cycles investment strategies

The truth is, the burden of being an investor has shifted to you.  Whether or not you want to be, you need to keep up on the major trends.

Another thing that is great about the Wealth Cycles program is that there's not need for day-trading.  Day-trading generally produces stress, and doesn't make you any more money.

Investing in a program like the Wealth Cycles is different because you get the long-term picture, so you only need to review investments every month or every quarter.

The Wealth Cycles program is one of my core information sources for investing.  And it gives me peace of mind, so I don't have to think about investments all the time.  And the peace of mind is worth much more than the cost of the membership is.

Michael Maloney just implemented a free trial to join The Wealth Cycles program.

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