Buying Silver Bullion in Canada

Buying silver bullion is becoming increasingly popular in Canada as a means to protect the value of your wealth. Why should you buy silver and where can you buy it in Canada?

Why Buy Silver Bullion in Canada?

As with all cash currencies, the Canadian dollar is prone to devaluation through the process of inflation. Silver bullion on the other hand is a hard currency which is not subject to this inflation process and the value of it remains fairly stable over longer periods of time. Buying silver bullion in Canada can therefore help to protect the value of your hard-earned wealth when you convert cash currency into a hard currency.

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In addition, silver has many industrial uses and we can actually expect an increase in value as many of the silver resources are being depleted. This means that if you buy now, in a few years’ time you could get more value for it if you sell it back but the cash currency you used to buy it today would have decreased in value.

buying silver bullion in canada

Where Do I Buy Silver Bullion in Canada?

If you live in Canada like I do, it's best to buy silver coins from a dealer in Canada.  This makes shipping, taxes and duty issues non-existant.  And this can be problematic for Canadian investors.  It's hard to find solid silver and gold coin dealers in Canada's provinces, like Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba and the other Canadian provinces.

Buying silver bullion is becoming an important investment in Canada. Silver is not subject to the same inflation rates as the Canadian dollar and so is able to maintain its value, or even increase in value, where the dollar is decreasing.

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